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Vote Discovery Node

Join us in our quest to bring the Bottos AI Blockchain ecosystem to everyone.

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Community Bond

The Discovery community node is a community centric Bottos Block Producer. Our team was built from the Bottos community and we have established a close bond thanks to our faith in Cryptocurrency. We want to be a part of Bottos’s new AI Ecosystem paving the way for AI + Blockchain technology.

Adding Value

Discovery Node is constantly trying to add value back to Bottos Platform by creating incentives for the community, tools to advance the technology and providing education on the Bottos AI platform and blockchain.

Our Vision

The Discovery community node wants to be able ensure the success of Bottos’s blockchain by fulfilling the requirements necessary for block producing as well as other functions the chain may require. We aim to provide the infrastructure necessary for the chain.

Our goal is to ensure the community and people globally will have access to the decentralized Bottos services.

We care about the Bottos community and want to support the people who have the same amazing passion for AI and Blockchain.

What Discovery Node brings

Trust and transparency

Discovery Community will disclose any and all discussions about governance, structure, and plans to the Bottos community. Maintaining openness and full transparency from decision making to to future plans for Discovery Community. Monthly reports to keep the Discovery Community and Bottos community involved and engaged with us.


Discovery Community Node is determined to support the community opening new possibilities to everyone. We’re committed to giving a voice to the community through our block production. By actively engaging with the Bottos community globally. Including the community in our governance decisions and strategies. In addition Discovery Community will allocate a percentage rewards that it will receive from Block production, airdrops, and additional rewards to the community and our supporters which will be discussed in further detail. Our commitment to build the most community driven node.

Bringing together and supporting the Bottos community is our commitment.

Why Discovery Node?

Transparency and Openness

Discovery Community Node is committed to being transparent and open to the community about all governance decisions, structures, and plans.

Community Obsession

Discovery Community Node will be actively engaged with the community and supporters. Our priority to give back to the community as well.

Block Producing

Discovery Community Node will ensure powerful continuous and stable block producing service required by Bottos blockchain.


Our goal doesn't stop here we will build on Bottos. Adding value by bringing options to help further push Bottos towards adoption and advancement in technology.

What is Bottos?

Bottos is a decentralized infrastructure that focuses on artificial intelligence. It is designed to be a consensus based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and synergetic one-stop platform for data, AI models, computing power, and storage capabilities through data mining and smart contracts. Bottos has a bottom-level public Blockchain specially designed on the basis of data characteristics as well as a platform for data circulation among different participants within a broad-based AI ecosystem. 

Bottos can be applied to the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, smart devices, IoT, VR/AR, and so on…

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Discovery Node would greatly appreciate your vote and support! Discover and Explore the Bottos New AI Ecosystem with us!


Team built on a true passion for AI and Blockchain. For the community and for the people.


Blockchain and AI Enthusiast


Blockchain and AI Enthusiast

Sean W.

Blockchain and AI Enthusiast

Moonman Bool

Blockchain and AI Enthusiast


Blockchain and AI Enthusiast

Lord regisss

Blockchain and AI Enthusiast

Frequently Asked Question

Got questions?
We have the answers!

You can stake your Bottos via your wallet towards Discovery Node. That will be counted as voting for us!

Currently there will be a airdrop for all Discovery Node supporters. We will ensure that the more we get the more our voters and supporters get.

Discovery Node is trying to faciliate growth for Bottos we're looking for developers and community members to join in the development with Bottos AI Ecosystem.

Discovery Node is focused on growing the Bottos network towards mass adoption and technological growth. The community the voters are the backbone of the project. Discovery node will not only give incentive towards voters but we'll push Bottos AI to success. Which will be beneficial for Bottos and all stakeholders.

Voter rewards release timeline is still under decision, as we have only just begun forging blocks. However Discovery Node will guarantee all voters will receive their rewards for supporting Discovery Node.

Feel free to join us on our social media links below. We're available on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube and Medium.

Discovery Node is here for Bottos and it's community. If you wish to discuss about a potential partnership please email us at [email protected]

Feel free to join us on our social media links below. We're available on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube and Medium. Or reach out to us at [email protected]